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August, 2015


Emory University has partnered with LifeCare, Inc to provide the Professional Care Management Program and 24/7 access to a WorkLife Library for all university employees.  The password protected online library enables university employees to better manage their work-life demands by providing access to additional resources and tools, beyond existing programming currently offered through the Emory WorkLife Resource Center.   


Live webinars and online moderated discussion groups make it possible to reach information 7 days a week through this library.  Many of the tools and materials found in the library are also available on demand once the employee has logged on to it.  Thousands of articles on hundreds of topics can be found to help employees address their diverse work-life needs. Topics include but are not limited to pregnancy, child care, adoption, education, adult care, special needs, legal, financial and more!


Here are some of the upcoming webinars and moderated discussion topics:


Live Monthly Webinars from 12:00pm to 1:00pm EST

(also available on demand after broadcast)

Bullying: How to Protect Your Child

   August 11, 2015

Green Tips for the Home

   September 8, 2015

Managing Work & Life

   October 13, 2015

Beating Caregiver Burnout

   November 10, 2015

Holiday Survival Guide

   December 8, 2015       


Click here to get more details of the upcoming webinars listed above.                   


Explore the Moderated Discussion Groups, Interactive Forums where you can share your experiences and learn from others. There are over 30 upcoming discussion groups in 2015.


Log on to learn more about the different forums within each group.
• The Caregivers Network
• Parenting Your Teen
• Parenting Your Child with Special Needs
• Shine at Work
• Your Healthy Lifestyle
• Financial Wellness


Logging in is a simple process. Check out the WorkLife Library now!
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For more information about the upcoming webinars or moderated discussion groups please log in the WorkLife Library.  Contact Emory WorkLife Resource Center at (404)-727-8000 if you have questions about the WorkLife Library.