Recording Now Available: Introducing Emory's Professional Care Management Program

Written by:Audrey Adelson, MSW, WLCP

April 10, 2014


Perhaps you missed the November 7th introduction of Emory’s Professional Care Management Program held on campus by LifeCare representative Michael Pace. If you did, you can now find a video recording of the presentation with a full explanation of the new benefit available to all employees of the university on our website.


The professional care management benefit is the most recent addition to the Emory Caregiver Support Program. The new benefit offers invaluable support with national reach to help employees who are responsible for the care of an aging or sick adult loved one or adult with special needs. Employees who are currently assisting in the care of an adult loved one or anticipate that they may someday be in this position are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the new benefit so when the time comes and they need to access it, they know where to find it.  Professional care management is viewed as the gold standard in employee sponsored support for caregivers (Best Practices, NAC 2012).  Other than providing flexible work arrangements, it is viewed as one of the most effective ways to support employees with adult caregiving responsibilities. Emory University employees are entitled to up to six (6) hours of free in-person services per year* from Professional Care Managers (PCMs) which can be applied to the following services:


  • In-home assessments:
  •   A PCM provides a thorough assessment of the care recipient’s home and activities
  •   of daily living and delivers a detailed care plan with recommended providers and resources.


  • Facility reviews:
  •   A PCM visits and tours selected care facilities to evaluate and report on environment, care, staffing, and   
  •   overall level of quality.


  • Post-hospitalization assessments:
  •   A PCM conducts an onsite evaluation of the condition/needs of an   
  •   adult who is returning home or to a facility after a hospital stay and recommends appropriate care.


  • Ongoing care coordination:
  •   A PCM provides a variety of services including coordination of medical
  •   services, bill paying, appointment coordination, setting up community services, etc.


  • *The yearly program benefit runs from November 1st to October 31st 


  • Introducing Emory's Professional Care Management Program
  • Recorded November 7, 2013 


  • Contact Audrey Adelson at (404) 727-1261 if you have any questions related to the new professional care management benefit or The Emory Caregiver Support Program.