Concerned about Aging Parents?

By: Theresa Pilage of BrownRichards & Audrey Adelson, MSW, WLCP

January 07, 2015


“I saw my aging parents over the holidays and I am not sure what to do.”


Did you notice bills left unpaid; spoiled food in the refrigerator; memory problems; depression or poor grooming or hygiene issues? Are you feeling uncomfortable or scared to try and talk with your parents about your concerns? Have you tried already only to irritate them or make them angry with you? Do you feel alone or wonder where to turn for help?


BrownRichards & Associates provides professional work-life consulting to help all Emory employees with issues such as those just described and many more. They have experienced Eldercare Specialists to help guide you through these difficult times. Their specialists can offer free telephonic consultation and offer suggestions and referrals to put you in contact with professionals who can assist you and your parents. Whether your elders live locally or across the country, they have a nationwide database to connect you to the services you need.


BrownRichards’ Adult Care Specialists can provide you with insight to the aging process and help you to start “The Conversation” with your loved ones about their care needs. This will provide ease as you venture into this uncharted territory.  This can be a difficult step as parents can be resistant to interference from their children.  A professional can help you assure them that your intention is not to take over, but empower them in maintaining their independence.  By coming from a place of love and concern, you can gently start to tackle problems one at a time.


Contact BrownRichards online or by telephone at (404) 352-8137. Their services are free to Emory employees.  Locating elder law attorneys, geriatric care managers, retirement communities or just trying to figure out what you need or how to pay for it can be time consuming and stressful to anyone. Take advantage of this fantastic support available to you and let them help you manage your work-life and dependent care responsibilities.


For more questions about BrownRichards & Associates, contact Mary-Ellen Nessmith at (404) 727-4177.