Religious & Faith Based Support for Employee Caregivers

Office of the Dean of the Chapel & Religious Life

The Office of the Dean of the Chapel and Religious Life seeks to fulfill its role in maintaining a religious, spiritual, ethical and moral presence in and to the University and to the Church. Various religious and spiritual programs are available to support the Emory Community.

Marcus Hillel Center at Emory University

The Marcus Hillel Center opened in 2010 and has served as the home to Hillel at Emory and Hillels of Georgia. The modern welcoming facility offers students and community members a place to observe Jewish life and allows for a calm respite and reflection. The center has a library, workspace, a restaurant with lounge space, as well as a chapel.

Religious & Spiritual Life at Oxford College

While Oxford College locates its roots within the United Methodist tradition, they provide a wide range of religious and spiritual traditions within their community. Programs and counseling are open to all members of the college community.