Care for Yourself

A population shift is taking place. People are living longer and an increasing number of us are becoming family caregivers. The ability to manage our work-life becomes complicated when we are a caregiver and often it is the caregiver who puts off their own needs to meet the needs of others. Below are some tips to help employee caregivers manage stress and attempt to maintain an integrated work-life both at work and with personal obligations.

Research Benefits and Leave Options

It is important you understand the benefits and leave options Emory offers with regards to caring for your family member. Sometimes this can be confusing for employees with information scattered in several places, thus making it difficult to figure out what may be available to help you. The Emory WorkLife Resource Center has compiled a list of these benefits and leave options for you. If you qualify for benefits under a spouse of significant other, be sure to review their benefit package as well for any assistance that may apply as well.