Care for Yourself

A population shift is taking place. People are living longer and an increasing number of us are becoming family caregivers. The ability to manage our work-life becomes complicated when we are a caregiver and often it is the caregiver who puts off their own needs to meet the needs of others. Below are some tips to help employee caregivers manage stress and attempt to maintain an integrated work-life both at work and with personal obligations.

Involve Others

Don’t be afraid to delegate household chores, home repairs, paying bills, etc., to allow you time to focus on helping your aging parent or family member. Ask friends, children, and neighbors to assist where they can. Respite care is available to help you when you need a break. Some day you may be able to re-pay the favor. It is equally important to let your co-workers and supervisor know what you are dealing with as it could have an impact on your work and demand time away from the office. Most managers understand about caregiver responsibilities and many have had to deal with similar issues themselves.