Care for Yourself

A population shift is taking place. People are living longer and an increasing number of us are becoming family caregivers. The ability to manage our work-life becomes complicated when we are a caregiver and often it is the caregiver who puts off their own needs to meet the needs of others. Below are some tips to help employee caregivers manage stress and attempt to maintain an integrated work-life both at work and with personal obligations.

Talk About It

Resentment, frustration, and grief are natural emotions that arise when facing caregiving challenges. Often these feelings develop out of being afraid and feeling overwhelmed. It is very important that caregivers deal constructively with these emotions. The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program provides free confidential couseling for Emory employee caregivers and their eligible family members. Community-based caregiver support groups can be extremely useful for connecting with others facing similar challenges, as well as finding support and solutions.

BrownRichards & Associates can assist you in locating a group that best meets your needs.