Prepare for Adult Care

Preparing to care for an aging parent or family member is not always possible. When it is, we recommend you learn as much as you can about your parents’ needs and wishes before a crisis arises.

Here are some issues that may be helpful to discuss with your aging parent or family member:

Start a Dialogue

When discussing issues with aging parents or relatives, it is important to be sensitive to their feelings and keep in mind that some of the topics may be difficult to talk about.

Use open-ended questions to allow them room to share their views with you. It is wise to break up the questions into more than one session. Avoid bringing up the past and any unresolved issues that could interfere with the significance of this conversation. And, lastly, if you need help with this type of discussion, we suggest enlisting some professional assistance.

Below is a resource to help you further in starting a dialogue:

Genworth: Breaking the Ice