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Registration & Payment

Location & Visitor Parking

Unloading & Loading

Exhibit Space & Materials

Food & Conveniences

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Registration & Payment

The deadline to register for Emory's Camp & Learning Expo 2019 are as follow:

  Early bird - 12/14/2018

  General registration - 1/18/19

  Late registration - 2/1/19


Registration only takes a few minutes. The registration fee to participate in the Emory Camp & Learning Expo 2019 is $60 for all external vendors. This fee includes on-campus parking in any visitor lot for one vehicle on the day of the event, one table in the exhibit hall, snacks/beverages, and a light lunch. The registration fee for the Emory Camp & Learning Expo is non-refundable.


Registration fees must be paid by credit card. Contact Emory WorkLife at (404) 727-7613 or email worklife@emory.edu with any questions or concerns.


Click Here for registration details.

Location & Visitor Parking

Emory University, Main Campus
Woodruff Physical Education Center - 4th Floor Auxiliary Court
600 Asbury Circle
Atlanta, Georgia 30322
Main Number: (404)727-6551


Link for Directions to Emory University Main Campus



From I-85, exit at Druid Hills Road going east. Turn right at Briarcliff Road (Loehman’s Plaza corner). Turn left at Clifton Road (Café Sage Hill corner). Pass the CDC and when you cross over a railroad track, turn right onto Asbury Circle. Remain on Asbury Circle until you reach the Woodpec on your left. Asbury Circle turns into Eagle Row.

You may unload your supplies in the driveway in the back entrance of the Woodpec and then park your vehicle in the Peavine Visitor Lot across and down the street slightly from the Woodpec. In an effort to avoid confusion, the main address of the Woodpec (Asbury Circle) is different than the unloading area of the same building and the parking deck (Eagle Row). Signage will be posted for the event to help visitors.


Parking on any college campus can be difficult and Emory is no exception. In order to make your visit easier, we have provided several resources to help you. Each camp or program will be given parking validation for one vehicle. Validation passes will be handed out only at the close of the event at 2:00 PM.

Emory Parking Deck Instructions

Emory Cliff Shuttle Schedule

Office of Disability Services

Unloading & Loading

If you are unable to carry your materials yourself and would like to unload your supplies and then park your car, volunteers will be available between 8:30 - 9:45 AM to assist you with unloading and transporting materials to the exhibit hall. Pull through the rear driveway of the Woodpec located on Eagle Row. Unload as quickly as possible with the help of a volunteer, and then park in visitor parking. Do not leave your vehicle unattended to help us avoid traffic in this area and any potential emergency hazards.


Enter the building on the ground level. Take the elevator in the middle of the Woodpec or the stairs up to the 4th Floor Auxiliary Court.


Between 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM, volunteers will be available to help you load your car if you need assistance. They can assist in transporting materials down to the rear driveway while you pick up your car. Plan on attending your booth for the entire event so that employees working shifts can still enjoy the expo.

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Exhibit Space & Materials

The Woodruff PE Center is a large recreational facility on the Emory main campus. It is popular with students and staff and is likely to become busier as the day progresses. Parking should not be a problem early in the day. The Auxiliary Court is on the 4th floor and requires either walking up several flights of stairs or using an elevator. The most convenient elevator to the event is in the middle of the building. The Auxiliary Court has extremely high ceilings so height restrictions should not be of concern. The room is set up exhibit/fair style and tables are assigned. Your table assignment will be given to you when you sign in. Please refrain from hanging anything on Auxiliary Court netting and/or equipment.


Tables are a standard 6’ x 3’ in size and are spaced apart by a minimum of 2 feet between one another. Each program is responsible for providing a tablecloth for their own table. Tablecloths can be made of fabric or plastic and can be of any color. If you do not have a table cloth for your program, you may purchase one for as little as $2.50 at Party City. All tables must be covered. There are two chairs behind each table for staff.

Electrical outlets and extension cords are available on a limited basis. Any program that requires electrical capabilities for promotional purposes needs to request this in writing to atmcfar@emory.edu no later than January 5th. Emory WorkLife does the best they can to accommodate, but cannot guarantee access.


Wireless internet is available in the Woodpec. In order to access this connection, refer to information on Emory Unplugged Guest Access and Configuration Instructions. If you plan to use wireless internet while on campus, we recommend you print and bring these instructions with you.


As a vendor, we encourage you to bring plenty of promotional materials about your summer programs. Try to include descriptions, locations, ages of campers served, fees, hours of operation, and any discount or priority admission details. You may be asked about whether or not your program offers Counselor-in-Training programs, paid or volunteer opportunities. Be prepared to answer these types of questions and where to refer those that inquire.


Table top displays with pictures or video, and laptops are strongly suggested. Tents are not permitted.


Employees really appreciate discounts. If you are offering discounts to Emory families, let them know the details and how to access the discount.


Each program will be given a paper table card to print the location (or "multiple locations") and ages served by their camp. We ask that you tape this table card to the upper right hand side of your table facing the aisle. These cards assist employees looking for specific information about programs at the expo.

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Food & Conveniences

There will be an exhibitor lunch table at the event this year. It will include some lunch items and beverages. We do the best we can to accommodate special diets and food allergies, but cannot guarantee all diets will be able to be accommodated. Coffee and hot chocolate will also be available at the event. Additional meal options can be found the nearby Cox Hall food court.


Restrooms are conveniently located adjacent to the Auxiliary Court on the west side of the 4th floor main hallway.


Nursing mothers can find privacy in the Women's Faculty & Staff Locker Room on the second floor.


Emory is a Smoke Free Campus and smoking is prohibited anywhere on campus.

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Vendor FAQs

What is the goal of Emory’s Camp & Learning Expo?

The goal of Emory’s Camp & Learning Expo is to help employees get an early start in managing their summer child care needs and save them time by allowing them an opportunity to meet with some of the highest quality summer programs available throughout metro Atlanta conveniently while at work. Emory values the diversity of its employees and aims to include programs to meet their unique sets of needs.

Who is attending this year’s event?

Invitations to Emory’s Camp & Learning Expo has been made to the employees and dependents of Emory University, Emory Healthcare, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Guests may bring their children. Expected turnout is between 300-400 guests.

How did Emory select the date and time for this year’s event?

Invited guests are employees of research and healthcare organizations which operate 24/7, with employees working all varieties of shifts. Many of the programs Emory has invited to participate in the expo operate with few management personnel and can allow only limited time away from the office. In order to accommodate both guests and participating vendors, the event is held one day from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM.

How is the Expo promoted?

The Emory WorkLife Resource Center works very hard to promote this event to employees of all invited organizations as well as students at the university. The promotional campaign includes a Save the Date announcement, formal announcements to leadership, councils and advisory groups in addition to employees, print and online publication, listservs, HR newsletters, targeted emailing and website articles. In addition to these channels of communication, a third party vendor that provides dependent care referrals for all of the invited organizations is also notified. The campaign begins shortly before winter break and is ongoing until the event takes place on February 8th.

Who sponsors the Emory Camp & Learning Expo?

The Emory WorkLife Resource Center is the sponsor for the event each year.

What hours are camp/program staff expected to be at this year's event?

All exhibitors are expected to be at the expo from 9:00 AM - 2:15 PM. Emory asks that programs respect the hours set for the 2019 expo. This cannot be stressed enough as many staff might be walking or taking shuttles to the event and expect to be able to see all of the exhibitors. If you are unable to be present for the hours required, we ask that you refrain from registering. We also request that a program representative be present behind the table throughout the entire event. If for some reason this is not possible, please let a volunteer know in order to have temporary coverage.

What is the Cancellation Policy for Emory's Camp & Learning Expo?

Notify the Emory WorkLife Resource Center in writing (atmcfar@emory.edu) no later than 48 hours before the event if your program needs to cancel its registration for the expo. Registration fees are non-refundable.

What happens in the event of inclement weather on the day of the expo?

In the event of inclement weather, the expo is cancelled. An inclement weather alternate day is scheduled for February 14, 2019. In order to determine if the expo has been cancelled due to inclement weather, all programs should contact call the inclement weather line at (404) 727-1234 or check the Emory University home page at www.emory.edu. Programs may also contact the local broadcast media, but be aware of possible delays in media reporting an announcement.

Review Emory's Inclement Weather Policy.

Are there be raffle items and door prizes for guests?

The Emory WorkLife Resource Center uses raffle and door prizes as one incentive to bring employee parents to the expo. The center provides grand prizes and asks some of Emory's preferred vendors and expo exhibitors to contribute items to be included in this raffle. Last year many of the participating exhibitors were happy to offer great prizes and they were very well received by guests of the expo. We hope you can do the same again this year! Prizes can include anything from memberships, tickets, passes, gift cards, baskets, etc. Please avoid sending items that are perishable and bring all items the morning of the event to Aaronnette McFarlin.


Please describe in detail the item(s) you will be donating when you register. We appreciate these donations and believe it is a great way to promote your program.

Who can I contact if I have any additional questions about Emory's Camp &

  Learning Expo 2019?

Aaronnette McFarlin, MSA
Human Resources Associate
Emory WorkLife Resource Center
(404) 727-8234

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