Back-up Care for the Holidays

By: Aaronnette Jackson, MSA

December 2015


Many employees enjoy taking some quality time off during the holidays and others work right on through. This can be a kind of tricky time of year to manage if you are a working parent. Most schools hold some form of fall and winter breaks leaving parents to either choose to use vacation time to manage their care or devise alternative care plans for anywhere from one to three weeks - or sporadic days that fall here and there. Having a back-up care plan (or two or three) is a necessity for working parents today. There are plenty of options for managing child care today when schools are closed, but if a parent puts off this type of planning too long, options become more scarce and they risk not finding a care solution.


Below you will find several options to help you fill this time during the holidays.


e4Health provides free dependent care resources and referrals to employees of Emory. They can assist you in your search process and save you a great deal of time.


Fall/Winter Break Camps

While kids enjoy the break from school, they can become a little stir-crazy if they spend too much time indoors and/or from being around family all of the time. School-aged children enjoy the opportunities that fall/winter camps can offer during the holidays. They can be a great way to break up the time, allow kids to have some fun and socialize with their friends while school is out. These camps can provide quality child care in exciting learning environments for when parents need to work over the holidays. Many fall/winter break camps offer part-time, day and week sessions to accommodate families who may need more flexible arrangements throughout the holidays.


Winter Safari Day Camp - Zoo Atlanta

Emory Baseball Camp

Winter Break Camp - Dunwoody Nature Center

Winter Holiday School Break Clinics - Rising Stars Basketball

School's Out Camp - The MJJCA, Marcus Jewish Community Center

Community Music Centers of Atlanta: Decatur, Dunwoody, Little 5 Points

Circus Camp

Zone of Light **New studio space near campus**

Atlanta Swim Academy



Share Care

Explore the idea of hiring a sitter or temporary nanny for the days you need care. Sharing the care also means sharing the expense. Care providers can be found through a variety of means but may or may not involve interviewing so plan your time accordingly. Some resources for finding a sitter include:


Emory-Employee Student Job Network – some students may live in town or stay in town during the winter

  break and would be willing to help you as a way to earn a little extra cash during the holidays.


CDC Parents Network Listserv – this is a great tool to refer to when looking for solutions to help you with

  all sorts of child care issues.


Online services such as or


If you have any questions, please contact Aaronnette Jackson, at (404) 727-8432.