Emergency Back-Up Care Coming January 1st!

Pre-Registration Starts December 15th!


By: Audrey Adelson, MSW, WLCP

November, 2015


Emory University is pleased to announce the implementation of Bright Horizons Care Advantage to all benefits eligible Emory University faculty and staff of Emory University, as well as students of The Laney Graduate School beginning January 1, 2016!


Bright Horizons Care Advantage consists of two programs to help you manage both Anticipated Care Needs through Care Direct (Sittercity) and Emergency or Unexpected Care Needs through Back-Up Care Advantage (Bright Horizons). Care recipients can be either children or adults. Care is available nationwide and is subsidized by the university to help make this care affordable for you.


Emergency back-up care is designed to provide temporary caregiving services so that university faculty, staff, and graduate students can meet work and classroom-related responsibilities when unexpected breakdowns in routine care arrangements occur. It is important for all caregivers to understand when it is and is not appropriate to access emergency back-up care and to be familiar with other support available through Emory to help university employees manage anticipated back-up care needs. The examples below illustrate the difference between an anticipated and emergency breakdown in care.



Anticipated Breakdown in Routine Care

Care Direct


Emergency Breakdown in Routine Care Back-Up Care Advantage

School holidays

Care recipient is sick and cannot attend school/day care


Sitter or caregiver on vacation

Significant other/friend suddenly unable to care for loved one


Seasonal breaks from school (Spring, Fall, Winter, Summer)

School/center closures due to inclement weather or unexpected crisis


Teacher work days

Regular care provider calls in sick


Work-related overnight travel and you need to secure care

You are in need of care personally and have no one to help you


Conference overnight travel and you need to secure care



The university recognizes that this list does not cover all anticipated/emergency breakdowns in care. Please contact the Emory WorkLife Resource Center at (404) 727-8000 should questions arise about what resources to use to assist you with your care planning needs.



Back-Up Care Advantage Program

Go to work knowing your loved ones are in good hands. Back-Up Care Advantage provides 10 days of emergency care per calendar year. Copays for care are $15/child/day with a maximum of $25/family/day for center-based child care and $6/hour for in-home child and/or adult/elder care.


Use of Back-Up Care Advantage is restricted to emergencies when care is not available and is limited to no more than 3 consecutive uses. Should there be a need for additional emergency back-up care beyond 3 consecutive uses, documentation of need may be requested. Examples of documentation of need include a note from a physician stating that a child was ill and could not attend school/child care or documentation of why care provider is unavailable.


*Pre-registration to program is highly suggested to make life less stressful during times of emergency*



Program launches January 1, 2016 – Pre-Registration Now Open


Overviews of Bright Horizons Care Advantage will be hosted across campus and via webinar during the months of December and January. There will be a few division/school specific sessions scheduled. Contact Emory WorkLife if you have any questions (404) 727-8000.


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Contact Emory WorkLife if you have any questions (404) 727-8000.