Emory Emergency Back-Up Benefit: It's Okay to Call for Back-Up!

Written by Mary Ellen Nessmith

January, 2017


While winter weather and flu season are upon us, we at the Emory WorkLife Resource Center want you to know reliable care is here when you need it. Care recipients can be children, adults or used for self-care. This program is designed to provide temporary services so faculty, staff and graduate students can meet work and classroom related responsibilities when your caregiving needs change unexpectedly.

When is the right time to call for back-up?

• It’s flu season and your regular caregiver gets sick
• Your child’s school is closed for weather
• You or your stay-at-home spouse is sick
• Your child is mildly ill
• You or your partner have an unexpected business trip or work event comes up
• You or your adult relative needs care in his/her home anywhere in the US
• An in-law needs help across the country
• Your spouse/partner is sick at home and you need to be at work
• Your college student is home recovering from illness or injury


To learn more about the Bright Horizons Back-Up Care Advantage please visit Emory WorkLIfe Resource Center or call Emory WorkLife Resource Center at 404-727-8000.