A Month of Reflection: National Work & Family Month


The month of October was designated as National Work & Family Month by a Resolution of the United

States Senate in 2003 and is was secured on October 15th, 2009 by both the house and senate. The

purpose of this designated time is to remind both employees and employers of the reciprocal relationship

that exists between them in meeting both their satisfaction and needs.  The National Work and Family

Initiative propose that by supporting balance between an individual’s work and personal life, it reduces the

conflict between work and family life and should be a national priority. The U.S. Government supports that

work-life programs are key predictors of job productivity, job satisfaction and commitment to an

organization. They help parents be more involved in their children’s lives and recognize the role and

responsibilities of caregivers.


The Emory WorkLife Resource Center promotes Work & Family Month by recognizing the progress they have

made over the last few years in creating a healthier, more supportive and flexible workplace. Despite the

down economy, Emory has continued to develop and promote work-life programs and policies and the

launch of the WorkLife Resource Center in May. Even in these difficult financial times, Emory has been able

to demonstrate to its employees that they value and support them.  Emory and The WorkLife Resource

Center will continue to evaluate and create work-life programming as a means to continue motivating and

retaining the top talent that exists in its community.