Parent to Parent of Georgia - Supporting Georgia Families of Children with Disabilities

by Audrey Adelson


One of the best resources for parents of children with disabilities in Georgia is Parent to Parent. Their

mission is to “support Georgia families and individuals from birth to 26 affected by disabilities or special

health care needs.” They aim to provide support, information, education, and leadership development for

Georgians who have or care for someone with a special need. Their recently updated website offers Parent

Training & Information (live and in person, as well as recorded webinars and fact sheets), Health

Information, a Babies Can’t Wait Directory, information about the Family Voices initiative and the Family

Support 360 Project, a comprehensive Special Needs Database, and much more.


Parents of children with special needs often utilize other parents in their same or similar set of

circumstances, as well as experienced professionals to learn about resources to help them manage the care

and meet the needs of their children. Parent to Parent of Georgia provides the right combination of both.

Together, they are able to help walk parents through what they need to know. This can be especially

helpful when it comes to learning about new and innovative programs and treatments, maneuvering through

the healthcare and educational systems, and finding quality child care, as well as learning about how to pay

these services.  If you are a parent or care giver of an individual under the age of 26 who has a disability or

a special health care need and don’t know about Parent to Parent, we encourage you to take a look at

their website and spend some time familiarizing yourself with the materials and resources they have to

offer. You will not be disappointed.


For more information on Parent to Parent, you may refer to their web site or contact a

volunteer at 1-800-229-2038.