Recognizing Quality Child Care

By Audrey Adelson, MSW, WLCP
January 07, 2015


Being a first time parent of an infant or young toddler is daunting to some, but selecting a child care provider to watch over your child while you are at work can be really unnerving to most parents. Educating oneself as to what constitutes quality child care can certainly alleviate some of the stress for a parent and help settle a few nerves.


The Emory WorkLife Resource Center has created some tip sheets to help parents recognize and evaluate quality child care. These tip sheets can be very useful tools to print out and use when researching and visiting child care programs or interviewing potential candidates. Below are some materials to help those of you in the process of searching for child care or wanting to evaluate your current child care arrangement:


Selecting & Evaluating Quality Child Care: Center-Based Care
Selecting & Evaluating Quality Child Care: Hiring a Nanny on your Own
Selecting & Evaluating Quality Child Care: Choosing a Provider


Selecting & Evaluating Quality Child Care


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