Teaching Compassion to Kids through Volunteering

Written By Audrey Adelson, MSW, WLCP

January 2013

Either by volunteering with your children or helping them land their own opportunity, volunteering teaches kids about having compassion for others and finding a world that exists outside of his or herself. By volunteering, children also learn about various organizations that exist in the community and the many diverse needs that are a part of our world today. Being a volunteer helps a person, no matter how old or young they are, to appreciate one’s own life a little more. When volunteering as a family, it can create a bonding experience when having to work together on the same project, with the same end goal in mind.


The Atlanta metro area hosts thousands of volunteer opportunities. When selecting a volunteer assignment, it is important to really think about it for a while first. You should talk with your child about it. Explore their interests and share attitudes about volunteering. Volunteer opportunities can vary depending on a child’s age and what their abilities are. Discuss the frequency and time commitments to determine what is best for all and be sure that it is something that they can see through. Perhaps start small with the hope of doing more at a later time. Research the variety of opportunities that fit your interests and abilities and learn about the organizations that sponsor them. Learn about who leads the projects and what types of roles the organizers and volunteers have.


Search the web to learn about volunteer opportunities for children and families or look for some ideas using our list below:


HandsOn Network

Volunteer Emory

Wesley Woods Center

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Keep America Beautiful

Chamber of Commerce

Local schools

Humane Society

Zoo Atlanta

BrownRichards & Associates