Back To School Campaign is a HUGE Success!

By Aaronnette Jackson, MSA

August 26, 2014


As summer winds down and classes resume, our Back to School (BTS) campaign for 2014 comes to a close.

The Emory WorkLife Resource Center has been thrilled to receive the feedback that we have from countless

numbers of faculty and staff, along with their partners and young adult children.


Workshops this year included one aimed at helping parents of young children understand the ever growing

educational options in metro Atlanta, along with two others that focused on helping both parents and their

young adult children prepare for college. All of the workshops filled to capacity within a couple of days and

an additional workshop was added to meet the overwhelming demand for material on the college admissions

process.All of the presenters for this year’s workshops received rave reviews and kept the audience interested in material that may ordinarily come across as dry and technical to many.


Workshops were prepared to meet the diverse needs of Emory employees from all different backgrounds and situations. Parents appreciated the expertise of the presenters and the young adults that attended found them to be very honest and approachable in their delivery of material to them as well.


Staff at the Emory WorkLife Resource Center will use the feedback from employees to continue to best

meet the needs of Emory families. Presentations are available via the web and tip sheets on some of the important points made by presenters.


All workshop material from this year’s BTS campaign is archived and available on the WorkLife Workshops

webpage. If you have any comments or questions, please contact Aaronnette Jackson at (404) 727-8000.