Expectant & New Parents

Emory Healthcare:

Below are some resources to help new or expectant parents employed by Emory Healthcare.

Changes to benefits: Please contact Emory Healthcare Benefits Office at (404) 686-6044 for questions pertaining to FMLA, Flexible Spending Accounts and Family Status Changes.

Faculty & Staff Assistance Program

While the addition of a new family member is exciting, it can be very stressful. New parents are often exhausted from nightly feedings and interrupted sleep, trying to keep up with their day jobs, and in some cases juggling other care taking responsibilities. Women who have recently given birth are also still experiencing hormonal changes while their bodies try to adapt to the event that recently took place. These issues can often be overwhelming to a person and can cause emotional imbalance. FSAP is available for helping new parents with issues such as these, as well as helping a new mother cope with postpartum depression.