Locate Child Care

Emory offers a variety of options to help faculty, staff and graduate students secure child care for the time they are working, as well as when they’re not. Below are some useful resources:


e4Health, provides parents with an opportunity to speak with a child care specialist over the telephone. This complimentary service is available to all Emory faculty, staff, and LGS students.

Emory Child Care Subsidy

Emory offers a child care subsidy for eligible employees who are in need of financial support with tuition expenses at The Clifton School. The subsidy can be applied towards tuition for children aged Infant through Pre-Kindergarten, aftercare expenses for children enrolled in the Georgia Lottery Pre-Kindergarten and Summer Camp for children enrolled in early education programming the remainder of the year at The Clifton School.

Emory Child Care Network

The Emory Child Care Network helps you meet the diverse demands and challenges of looking for child care. It was designed to provide parents discounts and priority admissions at licensed child care centers throughout Metro Atlanta.

Bright Horizons Back-Up Care Advantage

Bright Horizons Care Advantage consists of two programs to help you manage anticipated care needs through Care Direct (Sittercity) and Back-Up Care Advantage (Bright Horizons).

Emory Employee-Student Job Network

The Emory Employee-Student Job Network can help Emory faculty and staff looking to hire Emory students on a part-time basis to help them with work-life responsibilities such as babysitting, pet care, house sitting, lawn care, etc.

CDC Parent Network ListServ

The CDC Parent Network ListServ is a very popular listServ created several years ago by parents employed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This listServ can be used by employees and graduate students at Emory to locate:

resources, tips, and suggestions that are parenting related

nanny or nanny share, babysitters, family day care provider, parents morning out, child care center, etc.

specialists, learn about schools and camps in the area, share parenting advice, etc.

Due to its popularity, we encourage those who decide to join the listServ set up a folder in their inbox with a rule that all mail delivered from this listServ go directly to this folder. This avoids listServ email from overtaking your daily email and allows you to enjoy the listServ more. We also ask that you respect the rules of the listServ as the CDC is gracious in allowing Emory access to it.


Instructions for joining:

  1. Open your email program and create a new message.
  2. In the TO line, enter ListServ@ListServ.CDC.gov.
  3. Do not enter anything in the subject line. (Leave blank.)
  4. In the body of the email (the message area), enter Subscribe Parents-Network.
  5. Click Send for your email message.
  6. Follow the instructions from the ListServ emails to complete your membership.

Bright from the Start

Bright from the Start is responsible for:

Licensing and monitoring center-based and home-based child care throughout the state of Georgia

Administering Georgia’s lottery funded Pre-K program

Investigating and records deficiencies and reported incidents

Managing the Quality Rating System for child care in the state of Georgia

Assisting parents to locate licensed and registered child care providers throughout the state Georgia