Employee Hardship Fund Surpasses $100,000 in Contributions                       

October 16 , 2014


With the generous support from the Emory Community, the Emory University Hardship Fund has exceeded $100,000 in donations effective August 1, 2013.


The Emory University Hardship Fund was established to provide emergency financial assistance to staff and faculty members who are experiencing a temporary financial hardship due to a catastrophic event. Funds are funded by voluntary charitable donations provided mostly from Emory faculty and staff.


Numerous organizations across campus have continued supporting and promoting the campaign. This includes the Employee Council, which has used its “Get the Word Out” campaign to promote Fund contributions through Departmental meetings, emails to colleagues and collection jars. Through these efforts, divisions across campus have donated as a group, such as the Finance Division, whose employees pooled together their resources and donated more than $1,000 to the Fund.


To date, the Hardship Fund has helped more than 50 employees in need, awarding $63,591 to program applicants.


Continuing donations make a difference! You can begin or continue to contribute by:


1) Faculty, staff and other entities can pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) or request to be billed by making an online gift at the Campaign Emory site.

2) Faculty and staff can make a payroll deduction by contributing through the My Emory module in PeopleSoft Employee self-service.