FSA: Save Money on Summer Camp Expenses

By Aaronnette McFarlin

August, 2017


Although kids are on summer vacation, many parents still have to work and need summer accommodations for their children. If you are utilizing day camps, sitters or a nanny to care for your child, be sure to submit your expenses to your flexible spending account for reimbursement. If you didn't budget summer day care expenses into your FSA plan this year, be sure to do so next year, while you work during the summer. FSA accounts allow individuals to save pre-tax dollars to help pay for qualified child care expenses. Employees can only enroll into a FSA account once a year during open enrollment, so if you don’t currently have one, then take note of your child care expenses this summer to prepare for 2018.


Through Aetna/PayFlex all regular full-time or part-time Emory employees scheduled to work 20 hours or more per week are eligible to enroll in Emory's FSA.  Full-time temporary positions on a six month or longer assignment are also eligible. Coverage begins on an employee's date of hire. Employees receive the Aetna/PayFlex debit card to use to cover Child Care expenses. Keeping receipts for any eligible expense for which reimbursement are received, are strongly recommended. Receipts are required to support the use of Child Care FSA funds strictly for the purpose of securing child care services during the summer.



Employees can contact the Emory Benefits department for more details on eligibility and enrollment. For more details on qualified Child Care Expenses please visit the IRS website.