Saving for the Holidays

By Aaronnette McFarlin, MSA

December, 2017


This time of the year can be exciting and also very stressful financially for most people. Maybe you are traveling out of town to visit loved ones or preparing a nice big fancy feast for the holidays.  Whatever your plans may be, you should look for deals and plan ahead to best manage your finances.


It’s always a good idea to shop at stores that offer an installment or layaway plan.

Look for stores (including online) that do price matching and do you research before

  you buy that big ticket item.

Coupons are also great this time of year.

Look for bargain deals when making travel arrangements and lodging


Sticking to a budget helps you to not only enjoy the holiday season; you will also

  start the New Year off with very little financial regret.


Below are a few tools that you may find useful in developing and managing your budget.



Just Budget

Travel Planner