Emory Approves Key Change to Staff Sick Leave Policy


As part of the Work-Life Task Force recommendations, a working group was commissioned to explore the feasibility of expanding various parental leave options for staff.  As a result, the working group proposed updating the current sick leave policies to allow the use of accrued sick leave for the adoption of a child. This recommendation has been approved by the WorkLife Executive Committee and Senior Leadership.

Effective immediately, the existing sick leave policies allows University staff to use up to six weeks of earned sick time for adoption. By expanding Emory’s sick leave policies to include adoption, we:


Reduce the gap between faculty and staff parental leave policies and practices.

Position Emory as a “family-friendly” employer  (strategic theme #3 in Emory’s Strategic Plan) by offering  

  parental leave benefits that are competitive with organizations awarded for best practices.

Enhance recruitment efforts by addressing the needs of the changing workforce.

Align Emory University and Emory Healthcare leave practices.


Earlier this year, Emory approved changes to make the sick leave policies more flexible by allowing University staff to use sick leave to accompany an immediate family member to routine medical and dental appointments. Please note that these modifications do not impact the upcoming change on how sick leave is accrued which will be effective January 1, 2011 (view previous communication regarding Sick Leave Accrual change).


If you have questions or need additional information about this recent change, please contact the WorkLife Resource Center at 727-8000.