Emory University Hardship Fund- UPDATE

By Aaronnette Jackson

October 18, 2011


Thanks to all of your contributions, 24 Emory University employees have received financial support, totaling in an amount of $26,418.24 awards given in one year. The Hardship Fund was established to provide financial support to Emory University staff and faculty members who experienced a financial hardship due to a catastrophic event.  The Fund is funded by voluntary charitable donations provided by employees and any entity or individuals wanting to assist Emory community members facing unexpected financial challenges.


It has been one year since Emory University launched the Hardship Fund. Since the launch, Emory has been able to help many employees in financial need. Some of the recipients have submitted testimonies explaining how the funds have helped them to get back on their feet financially and move forward.  These testimonies can be found on the Hardship Fund’s home page for review. 


For a monthly update of the amount of donations receive, awards given, etc. please visit the Emory University Hardship Fund monthly summary posted on the program's home page http://www.emory.edu/hardshipfund/. Applications are available electronically, at 1599 Clifton Road or by contacting your departmental HR representative for a paper copy of the application form.  Applications must be submitted, along with the supporting documentation, to the Emory WorkLife Resource Center (EWLRC).