Emory Community Volunteering Together to Make a Difference - Recruiting Faculty & Staff for Project Leads for Emory Cares International Service Day

By Audrey Adelson


The Emory WorkLife Resource Center is joining sponsorship with many other distinguished organizations on and off campus to bring Emory Cares International Service Day to Atlanta on Saturday, November 13th. The annual event is one of the signature programs of the Emory Alumni Association and has increased its participation since it was created in 2003.


Emory Cares Day originally began as an event for alumni, but participation expanded over the years to include increasing numbers of undergraduate students, but has found some difficulty attracting the attention of current faculty and staff. The WorkLife Resource Center hopes to change this by promoting the event directly to the faculty, staff, and graduate students at Emory and combine it as an opportunity for them to invite their families to join them and participate in National Family Volunteer Day, which is celebrated in November as well.


Emory WorkLife will continue to promote this event as we approach November13th, but we are working closely with our co-sponsors and are looking for faculty and staff interested in being a Project Lead (PL). Every participating organization identifies projects and a PL will be matched to each one based on interest and best fit. Along with guidance and assistance of the Emory Alumni Association and Volunteer Emory, each PL is responsible for coordinating their project and keeping up with volunteers assigned to them. While each project is unique and the work involved will vary, the length of each service project itself will be between 2-3 hours.


Through Emory Cares Day, alumni chapters across the country and around the world coordinate and lead a wide range of service projects that benefit their home communities. Emory Cares is one of the University’s most widely recognized means for furthering its mission of serving humanity. Through collaboration and working together, the diverse membership of individuals that comprise Emory’s family share a common goal of service, strengthening their ties to each other and the University while increasing Emory’s visibility around the country and the world. In the past, event projects have included staffing food banks, preparing medical supply kits for the CDC, decorating hygiene boxes for children entering foster care, outdoor projects in public parks and recreation areas, reading to the elderly and many more.


For more information on being an Emory Cares Day Project Lead contact Harold McNaron, Coordinator of Volunteer Emory at (404) 727-6268 and/or attend:


Emory Cares International Service Day Project Lead Meeting

Thursday, September 30, 2010


1599 Clifton Road NE Room 5C