Retirement Transitions

Emory University is committed to providing support and resources to our workforce as they prepare to retire. Support is offered in a variety of ways in the form of pre-retirement education sessions, financial workshops, and individual counseling with retirement plan vendors. Additionally, the following programs have been developed to assist emloyees with retirement transition planning:



    Phased Retirement - Phased retirement allows employees nearing retirement to reduce their work  

    schedules while also providing departments an opportunity to begin the transfer of knowledge. While

    phased retirement may not be feasible in every situation, in those cases where it can meet the needs of

    both the staff member and the unit, it can be an excellent form of flexibility. Faculty interested in  

    phased retirement should contact their Dean’s office.


    Staff Retirement Peer Coaching Program - This program, modeled off the Faculty Retirement Peer

    Coaching Program offered through the Emeritus College, is designed to assist staff pre-retirees with

    anticipated lifestyle, social, emotional and psychological transition to a fulfilling retirement. Pre-retirees

    are matched with a trained peer coach and will have the opportunity for three or more coaching


    Faculty Emeritus College Mentoring Program


    Emory Temporary Services (ETS) Retirees - Retired staff who are interested in working on a temporary

    basis after retirement from Emory will be able to register with Central Human Resources ETS for short

    term assignments. This also provides schools and business units with a qualified and experienced pool

    of temporary employees who are familiar with Emory.