Wanted: Work-Life Help!

Have you ever wondered where to go to find someone to babysit your child on a Saturday night so you could have a “date night” with your partner or tried to find someone to look after your dog while you go out of town? How about a person to help you paint your house or mow your lawn? Have you ever wondered how you could find out about job share opportunities or learn more about telecommuting options?


The Emory WorkLife Resource Center has recently launched a Message Board to help you with these types of work-life issues and much more. The new Message Board is password protected and requires that an employee use their Self Service ID to obtain access. The Message Board can be found on the lower right hand side of the EWLRC home page. Subjects are categorized into three main areas including General Work-Life, Dependent Care, and Workplace Flexibility. Each category is comprised of several forums on topics employees face in each of these main areas. An employee can post messages and read messages left by other employees. The Message Board is monitored by the Emory WorkLife Resource Center and staff will occasionally post useful messages of their own to promote things such as fun community events, upcoming workshops, and students looking for part-time jobs in child and home care.


Until recently, Emory has not had a centralized location to find work-life resources such as these. Our hope in creating the message board is to help link employees with one another to help them share and recommend service providers and offer suggestions. In the next several months, the Emory WorkLife Resource Center will be working to create an avenue where Emory employees can link directly with Emory students to help them find work-life solutions as well. 


If you have any questions about the WorkLife Message Board please contact the EWLRC at (404) 727-8000.