Pros and Cons of Compressed Workweeks

Pros Cons

Employee spends less time commuting in a given workweek.

Longer work day is physically and mentally challenging.

More time outside of work to take care of personal responsibilities; tend to be more productive during scheduled work days.

May be difficult to sustain over time. Employee morale could suffer due to the long hours.

Fewer distractions. Staff could be more productive during the hours outside of the traditional workday, when fewer staff members are present.

Supervision issues. Managers may be required to work the same schedule as the employee for support and to provide a degree of supervision. Some compressed workweek arrangements may result in overtime expenses, creating salary equity issues among those not participating in the program.

Improves work area coverage and extend the hours of service to internal and external customers.

Staff members may find it difficult to arrange dependent care or transportation around the longer workday.