Announcing January Flexibility Information Session for Managers


Written by: Audrey Adelson, MSW, WLCP

December 06, 2013


Over the past several months, flexibility information sessions have been held at various locations on campus for managers and HR reps at the university interested in creating a more flexible working environment in their given work areas. These sessions filled quickly and led attendees to seek out additional expertise from the Emory WorkLife Resource Center to help them move flexibility forward. As the university continues to focus on creating a more flexible work culture, work-life experts encourage managers and HR reps to become knowledgeable about best practices and the logistics of how to successfully implement flexible work arrangements.


Work units who have sought additional expertise in this area have been able to discuss and understand more about the drivers for workplace flexibility and how it applies to their departments. Leaders, managers and employees that have participated in training have been able to learn more about how to create a culture that shares accountability for making flexibility work amongst their team. Managers are shifting away from demanding that their employees provide a reason for a flexible work request and instead are focusing on job suitability and work performance. Employees have gained insight about how to be proactive in showing accountability and maintaining solid customer service levels. These departments are seeking out ways to help staff manage heavy workloads, reduce stress and explore new business opportunities through their application of flexibility.


If you are a university manager or HR rep interested in learning more about resources to help you create more flexibility in your work area register to attend:


Flex Information Session for Managers: An Introduction to the Benefits of Workplace Flexibility
January 22, 2014
10 AM – 11 AM
1762 Clifton Road – Room 1400

(Seating is limited and will fill quickly)


The session will be conducted by Audrey Adelson, Work-Life Consultant at the Emory WorkLife Resource Center. Ms. Adelson will lead managers through a discussion about what is meant by work-life and workplace flexibility. She will discuss the drivers and impact of flexibility today in the workplace and shed light on the current state of flexibility at Emory. The session will also point out top concerns expressed by managers when implementing flexible work arrangements. The end of the session will promote manager awareness to resources available at Emory for those interested in exploring new ways of looking at how, where and when work can be accomplished in order to better manage both work and personal effectiveness.

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