Job Sharing

A job sharing arrangement is a full-time job split between two individuals, each with responsibility for the success of the total job. Job sharing allows two staff members to share the responsibilities of one full-time position, typically with prorated salary, benefits, and paid time off.

Successful job sharing arrangements usually place responsibility for a functional arrangement on the individuals sharing the job rather than the institution. Therefore, employees seeking a job share arrangement are responsible for finding an appropriate job share partner.

Additionally, both parties should agree up front that if one of the job partners is not meeting the needs of the organization or decides to leave the job, the other reverts to a full-time schedule, permanently or until a replacement partner is found within a reasonable time frame.

Pros Cons

Provides more consistent service to internal and external clients than two part-time staff members.

Finding an ideal job partner can be challenging.

Continuity. If a job partner is sick or on vacation, the other partner can provide coverage for the position.

Effective communication among job partners.

Complimentary skill sets and experiences. Job partners have different work experiences, skill sets, strengths and weaknesses. Each job partner brings different talents to the job.

May decrease potential for advancement or promotion.